Senior Back-end Java Engineer

District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

What can we offer?

Inside our engineering team:

  • We iterate constantly. There's no such thing as the best version of anything, just a constant streams of improvements and tests.
  • We move fast, really fast. Major changes can be executed in a few days, many times just a few hours.
  • We have a data-informed mindset. We try to use data to inform our decision as much as possible.
  • We are independent. Most of the time, your team will not need technical assistance from other teams.
  • We take risks. We're not afraid to challenge "best practices".

Our attractive offers include: 

  • Open communication with passionate and experienced members.
  • Challenging working environment.
  • Social insurance, unemployment insurance under the Insurance Law
  • Internal events to bond our mutual understanding & spirit such as team building, team outing, Citic's birthday, Year-end party...
  • Generous special Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which is approved by the Board of Director.
  • 40 flexible working hours per week from Monday to Friday.
  • Young, dynamic working environment with strong startup culture.
  • Training and career development opportunities.
  • Company team building, annual Birthday party and other events: New Year, X-mas, Mid Autum Festival,…
  • Support fee for parking, marriages, child births, hospitalization.
  • Sport clubs (Running, Badminton, Soccer).

Job description

  • Citics is established with the mission to apply data technology to power trustworthy, speedy and seamless real estate transactions in Vietnam. Citics is one of the few outstanding proptech startups in Vietnam.
  • Citics is a technology platform which provides different stakeholders in real estate-banking ecosystem (i.e. buyers, sellers, banks, sales agents) with real-time, transparent, reliable information for them to transact more effectively and efficiently. C-Value is the first tech-based service offered by Citics and is gaining popularity in Vietnam banking system. It helps Citics to become a pioneer in property valuation with big data analysis. Citics also plans to leverage our proprietary database to provide tech-based brokerage services in Vietnam in the immediate future.
  • Since our inception, Citics has gained significant tractions where our service is used by 5 different major banks and the number is growing, and our brokerage business already closed significant revenue. Citics has already finished its seed funding round with the participation of an international VC and several entrepreneurs/angels. 
  • We're looking for an experienced senior Java to join us. You will have opportunities to improve your skills and contribute to develop new and exciting solutions to our products.
  • The applicant must show ability to work productively both independently and in a team environment.
  • Automate ETL pipelines and ML workflow

Job requirements

  • At least 4 years experience in Java
  • Good knowledge of key Open source technologies, such as: Spring-boot, Spring, Hibernate, Jetty, Jackson, JUnit, Apache Commons and SLF4J
  • Experience in the development of larger Java solutions
  • Be an efficient and quality-oriented person with experience from project based on agile methods like Kanban and Scrum
  • Experience with ORM technologies like JPA and Hibernate, are comfortable with the JDBC / SQL and database systems such as POSTGRESQL, MYSQL
  • Experience with NoSQL (Redis, Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDB, ...).
  • Experience with application servers like Jetty and Tomcat, and know to Web services and integrations based on SOAP and REST
  • Good knowledge of solutions related to construction and integration Maven, Team City, and Jenkins/Hudson
  • Plus: experience in BigData Architect (Hadoop, Kafka, Spark).
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Headquarter @ Floor 4, 22 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe Ward, Disitrct 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hotline: 028 22 11 44 54
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